In some cases, the law allows for one spouse to continue to be supported by the other even after the marriage has been dissolved. This support is known as alimony, spousal maintenance, or spousal support, and may be awarded on either a temporary or permanent basis. Temporary alimony is usually intended to allow some time for the recipient to return to the work force. Permanent alimony may be awarded for long term marriages in recognition that one spouse gave up working to support the family household, or where one spouse will never have the earning capacity to maintain the marital standard of living.

A spouse’s need is determined by the standard of living during the marriage along with the spouse’s ability to be self supporting. The amount is determined by the need of one spouse and the other’s ability to pay. Other factors in the decision to award alimony my include the length of the marriage, contribution of each spouse to the marriage; including homemaking and child care, financial resources of the spouses, age of the spouses and physical and/or emotional conditions of the spouses. Our Saint Paul divorce attorneys work with clients seeking to maximize alimony payments as well as clients seeking to minimize alimony payments.

At McCullough & Associates, P.A., we concentrate much of our practice in Family Law, including spousal support and alimony. We understand the stress that Family Law situations can create and we work hard to get the best settlement for our clients. If you are thinking about a divorce, call us to arrange a consult with one of our Family Law attorneys.

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