At McCullough & Associates, P.A., we know how important your children are to you. We understand the need to protect them and try to maintain as much stability as possible in their lives, and how important it is that they transition as smoothly as possible from living in one household to possibly living in two. Determining where children will live can often be a difficult decision to make, and is often the cause of contention. McCullough & Associates, P.A. approaches custody disputes with knowledge and care, taking time to understand our client’s concerns and needs.

There are two forms of custody: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody gives the parent(s) the right to make decisions about a child’s upbringing including medical, religious and educational decisions. Physical custody is the right of the parent(s) to have the their child/children live with him/her and includes day to day parenting. Sole or joint legal and/or physical custody may be granted depending on each family’s individual situation, and whether or not the parents can decide together, with or without the help of a judge, custody evaluator and/or guardian ad litem. Our attorneys work with our clients to assist them in determining a custody arrangement that is workable for them, and in the best interests of their family.

Call the Family Law attorneys at McCullough & Associates, P.A. if you are facing a divorce where child custody is a concern. We will help you through this difficult and stressful situation, ensuring you receive excellent representation.

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